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Finding Your Focus – and Keeping It!

Capital City ClubTuesday, November 15, 2011Registration: 8:30 am  (NOTE: earlier time!)Workshop:  9:00 am - noonBuffet lunch to followReservations Please: 832-5526Members $15++, Guests $20 includes workshop, handouts, lunch    Finding Your Focus - and Keeping It   Here are some questions for you as we are near year end - Did you make a goals list [...]

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To the Cloud! – For Computing That Is!

Capital City ClubThursday, November 3, 201111:30 am - 1:00 pmReservations Please:  832-5526$15++ Members, $20 guestsBuffet luncheon & beverage included  Have you heard the rally call "To the Cloud!" on TV advertisements and wondered what in the world 'the cloud' is? Would it interest you to know that The Wall Street Journal called 'the cloud' a [...]

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