Consider these quick thoughts on why it is so important to have an excellent book cover for your book:

  1. Our brains are wired to process images faster than words.
    • Covers should make an emotional promise (that the book keeps)
  1. There is a VERY clear connection between covers and sales: good covers increase sales!
    • On read about R L Mathewson, a romance writer, who went from selling 5-6 copies a day of her novel Playing for Keeps to over 1000 books a day when she changed her cover to reflect her book genre. (Noted and tracked through Smashwords.)
  1. First impressions do count! Don’t let that impression be less than great for your book!
    • Opinions form quickly – make them positive and get that second look!
    • Covers create preconceptions – good or bad, fulfilled or not – don’t have a bland cover hiding a great book!
  1. Outstanding covers tend to attract retail merchants and buyers
    • Better book placement for printed books – cover outward instead of spine out!
    • Attention grabbers for e-book buyers – make sure your cover looks great as a thumbnail!
    • More social media attention – especially from bloggers – which can increase sales