Capital City Club
Tuesday, November 15, 2011
Registration: 8:30 am  (NOTE: earlier time!)
Workshop:  9:00 am – noon
Buffet lunch to follow
Reservations Please: 832-5526
Members $15++, Guests $20 includes workshop, handouts, lunch



Finding Your Focus – and Keeping It


Here are some questions for you as we are near year end –

Did you make a goals list for 2011?  Have you checked it lately?  Are the goals still meaningful and relevant? Have you achieved most of what’s on your list?  Were you are to keep your work life and personal life in balance? Have you run your life efficiently this year?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, there probably was something missing in your psychology, focus and motivational processes.  Would you like to make a change for 2012?

Get ready to take charge of your business and personal life like never before.  This dynamic 3-hour motivational event will focus, inspire and energize you. Take charge of your life practices with tools and skills you will learn forged from 10 years of experience with Tony Robbins as a Results Coach® plus Time Line Therapy® and more.

Be More, Do More, Have More

  • Balance in your work & personal life with the “Success Pyramid”
  • Achieve any goal with the “Motivational Football” technique
  • Accelerate your achievements exponentially with simple daily rituals
  • “Coach” yourself everyday for success
  • Overcome negative peer pressure (The “Bulls-eye Effect”)



James Murphy, former Results Coach® with Anthony Robbins and founder of Evolution for Success, works with independent business owners, entrepreneurs and executives to help them address the personal issues stopping them from achieving their professional and personal goals.  He consults, writes articles and speaks on topics such as motivations, procrastination, self-confidence, self doubt, productivity, goals setting and effective communication.