Running your own business involves a lot of careful navigation of what, at times, feels like a minefield of legal issues.  Making a wrong decision or taking a wrong step can really hurt a company. In this Lunch and Learn we will explore some common areas of trouble for small business owners and discuss how to detect and dismantle them before problems can arise.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cardinal Club

11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Reservations Please

$15++ includes buffet lunch 


Richard Bobholz grew up in the Midwest, obtained a degree in Economics from Michigan Technical University and completed Law School at the Earle Mack School of Law  at Drexel University in Philadelphia. Currently He is the managing Member of his own Law firm in Durham. Practice areas include Small Business General Counsel, Small Business Planning, Taxation, Asset Protection and Environmental Law.  When he finds spare time, he is a backpacker, photographer and avid community service participant.

BA Partners: Earn a complimentary 1 hour one-on-one advisory session with an EntreDot business advisor on any topic you wish when you attend this lunch. Rave reviews (spot-on, insightful, aha moments) followed our first round of advisory sessions!