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Successful Authors Do THIS, Not THAT!

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Successful Authors Do THIS, Not THAT!

by Kevin C. Snyder, a Write Rite Member guest post  (modified from an original post on LinkedIn)

June 19, 2015

There is no better time to write than “write” now.

If not now, then when?

Your upcoming vacation is a prime opportunity to brainstorm book ideas, outline a draft of your chapter, recharge and then return home with motivation and a strategy for getting your book completed. Remember, once your book is done it’s DONE! All that work will pay off – literally.

Below I am sharing my top previous posts outlining reasons people are successful with writing and publishing their book(s). I am also highlighting common pitfalls which hinder the majority of aspiring authors to publish. I feel we can learn more from the mistakes and challenges of others. Learn from them … and I’m one of “them.” Wouldn’t you rather learn from my mistakes than make your own?

My most recent post, “How to Write a Book in Days emphasized that successful authors make time to write, they begin with an outline and they create an accountability system. Struggling authors don’t take these strategic steps.




In another short blog, titled Every Aspiring Author Should Read This“, I shared a personal example from one of my writing courses at the local community college. During this course seven(7) of my fifteen(15) students were published authors within 3 months! Most of them had a book in them for years, but they just did not know where to start and how to publish! The two most helpful aspects of the course that students shared were (1) being accountable to someone for writing and (2) simply having guidance on where to start.


Another post focused on current authors who are struggling with selling their books. Having a book is an amazing accomplishment but having a book that sits on a shelf and is not shared (or sold) isn’t what books are made for – like a ship that just sits in its own harbor. That’s not what ships are made for. 5 Proven and Effective Book Promotion Strategies for Authors details these 5 best practices for book promotion and sales:

            Leverage technology

            Host a book launch party

            Organize “Read Reviews”

            Build your “list”

                                                                           Take advantage of printer perks


The final blog from the past I’m highlighting for you pulls it all together – “How to  Become a Published Author.” Know that the book, or books, you desire to write  could be literally about anything and in any size. I’ve had author coaching clients who  have written fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, business books, memoirs, handbooks  and Fifty Shades of Grey sequels! Sizes range from 30 pages to 300. Length, size, genre, etc. – it does not matter!What you know is your book. What you do for your business is your book! Your passion is your book.

There are many affordable opportunities these days for getting your book published – some even FREE if you are willing to spend time and patience rather than money!

Whether you have just one book in mind or several, focus on the type of book genre you desire to write. Chase one rabbit – I mean genre – at a time. Visit a bookstore and review books in that same genre. Get a flavor for their common size, style, structure, topics, etc. Take copious notes. I’m confident that you will leave feeling empowered with a vision for what your book will look like too.

 Don’t forget to click here and download your complimentary copy of my cliff notes for “How to Write and Publish Your Book!”

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