Just as we are getting comfortable with e-commerce, there’s a new player in the game. It’s called ‘m-commerce’. Are you guessing the direction this is going yet? If you’re thinking mobile marketing across a really wide array of digital devices, well, you’re right.

Did you know that “m-commerce” is on the same break-out cusp now that e-commerce was just a few short years ago? And that most of the 20 and 30 something year olds consider this stuff the norm? If you want to talk to them, you better get mobile! And it’s only going
to grow!

In this workshop you will learn the difference between mobile websites and ‘apps’, how to sync your ‘regular’ website and your mobile site (and why that is so important) and you’ll get insight into the dimensions of the digital marketplace and how you can benefit from
stepping inside both as a market place and as a consumer.

We want to get you ready to roll with this huge marketing wave so in this workshop, we’ll help you…

    • grasp the dimensions (huge) of digital marketing in today’s marketplace
    • understand the difference between mobile web sites and mobile apps
    • learn to sync your ‘regular’ website and your mobile website (and why that is so important)
    • grasp the power of brand in mobile marketing
    • figure out what text message marketing is all about (including the process, how to set up a campaign, what costs are involved, why campaign efficiency is so important – hint $$ is involved!) and how to incorporate it into your email and web campaigns)
    • learn how to use contests and sweepstakes to build your brand and create product/service awareness
    • jump on the QR (quick response) code bandwagon (you know, those funny looking square boxes with black graphics – they do have a purpose!)


Bryan Young, CEO and co-founder of Business Empire Consulting, is a certified Mobile Marketing expert through the Mobile Marketing Association. In 2010 he became the youngest person to ever be awarded the “Top 40 under 40 Leadership Award” from the Triangle Business Journal based in Raleigh, NC. This prestigious award honors the most promising young business people in the Triangle.

As an undergraduate at North Carolina State University, Bryan became the first student ever to speak at the NCSU Entrepreneurship Lecture Series. He has been featured in Young Money Magazine and Under30CEO for his uncanny abilities in marketing and growing a company.

At the age of 17 Bryan began and then ran a long haul trucking company and brokerage firm, managing a fleet of 22 trucks and more than 30 employees for 4 years.

Business Empire Consulting (BEC) is a firm working internationally specializing in digital marketing, mobile marketing and brand development using competitive intelligence and research, including buyer habits, technology evolution and emerging markets.

Bryan says,” Social Media Marketing is the cutting edge of marketing right now while mobile marketing is the bleeding edge.”

Capital City Club

Tuesday, August 30th

Registration: 9:30 am

Workshop: 10:00 am – Noon (buffet lunch following)

$15++ includes workshop, handouts and lunch

Reservations Please: 919-832-5526