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It’s hard to deny there is a market for digital reading. Some may argue digital reading is weakening. Some argue its only going to expand. Wherever you fall on that thought spectrum, there is no doubt that eBook sales have brought in billions of revenue dollars. reports $5.69 billion in ebook sales for 2014, forecasts that ebook sales will reach $6.74 billion in 2015 and head toward $7.59 in 2016. Those are some serious dollar numbers–adding up to a pretty compelling reason to think about adding a digital version for your print book.

Now what about the “independent” versus traditional publishing part of the decision? Here are a few points to think about when weighing pros and cons on self publishing (also known as independent or indie) publishing and working hard toward gaining a book deal with a “house” publisher:

Indie ebook authors can

·       publish faster

·       price less expensively

·       publish globally

·       enjoy greater creative freedom

·       earn higher royalties

·       have greater flexibility and control over what happens with their book


Let’s look at more statistics to add a little (or a lot of) weight to these indie “benefits”. This report is based on the 120,000 best selling ebooks on Amazon.

Indie Author Royalties vs. Publisher Royalties

In 2013 Indie ebook authors earned royalty percentages 3-5 times higher than what traditionally published authors earned.

Author published a report in January 2015* with some quite interesting and eye-opening statistics, charts, and graphs. If you’re ready to wade in, they back up their chart and graph data with well reasoned arguments and show you convincing evidence that indie authors can reach more readers AND earn more money selling lower priced ebooks in higher unit volumes all the while earning more per book sold than authors earn with traditional publisher set higher ebook prices. Use the link below to check out this rather startling information comparing indie publishing results with results from the Big 5 publishing houses.

40% of all dollars earned by authors from ebooks on are earned by Indie self-published ebooks….while the Big 5 represents 35% of the earning        paid to authors…

It’s food for thought – especially when it is relatively easy to get an indie e-book published these days!


*Here’s the report