Standing: Lorraine, Craig, Jonica, Virginia, Mary, Carol, Cora, Fred, Shayla, Crash

Seated: Kevin, Sharon, Becky  (Photographer: Nancy Thomas)


April was another lively lunch with a room full (every seat taken!) of Write Riters. We missed regulars Robert Azar, Steven Nelson, and Christian Freed, but other exciting things called them!

Lee getting totally confused on the time and putting everyone on ‘fast go’ for our work session: “Part II The Outline” in our “Two Step process from Head to Page” amped up the lunch energy accidentally! The extra time we had gave everyone a chance to catch up. We welcomed familiar faces back in the Club with Crash Gregg and Nancy Thomas joining us and welcomed Shayla Taylor as a visitor. Delighted to have you all with us-and no, this was not lunch as usual…!

Becky (and Karin) are working though final edits, book cover versions, and subtitle edits, aiming toward summer publication. Kevin is offering a complimentary copy of “The Bookbook” for a beta reading experience in return for input via a survey. (He is a contributor in this book.) Lorraine is making nice with CreateSpace getting her latest book formatted and published. Carol is working toward writing two more books to create an Introverts/Extroverts series and will be looking for input form us on titles. Watch your inboxes for this! Christian has had good news, but we’ll wait and let him share that next month!

Coming Soon…First Tuesday in May we’ll have the chance to talk with a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist who also has book publishing experience! Make your reservations early!